The Top Halloween Costumes For Children

Finding the perfect Halloween costume can be difficult, especially since it has to please the child and the parent. Plus, the costume usually has to be under budget. To help in the search for the perfect costume, we compiled a list of the most popular
costumes for boys and girls under $50. We hope we can help make this Halloween a special one!

Boys Costumes:
1. Batman The Dark Knight Boys Costume
The Joker will never be a problem for a boy in this Batman The Dark Knight costume! Costume includes a mask/hood with attached cape, muscle-chest jumpsuit with attached bootcovers, and a belt; 3-piece set.

2. Indiana Jones Kids Costume
Even the living dead are no match for Indy in his quest for the Crystal Skull. Costume includes leather-look jacket with attached shirt-front that pulls on over the head, and zips up in front; also included are hat and pants; 3-piece set.

3. Boys Iron Man Light-Up Costume
The perfect “suit of armor” for his fight against evil. The costume even lights up with either lfashing or steady lights! Costume includes mask, jumpsuit with built-in muscle torso and chest light (flashing or steady, with 3 replaceable LR1130 button cell
batteries), plus bootcovers; 3-piece set.

4. Boys Power Rangers: Jungle Fury Costume
Dai Shi doesn’t stand a chance against this Jungle Fury costume. Costume includes mask and muscle jumpsuit; 2-piece set.

5. Anakin Skywalker Costume
When kids dress up as this Jedi legend, animation comes to life. Make sure to also pickup a light saber! Costume includes a mask, armor tunic, pants with attached bootcovers, and belt; 4-piece set.

Girls Costumes:
1. Red Riding Hood Costume
Before she goes to grandmother’s house, she’ll be filling her basket with plenty of treats and telling that big bad wolf to get lost! Costume includes the hooded cape, plus dress with attached crinoline; 2-piece set.

2. The Wizard of Oz: Dorothy Costume
Make her trip down the yellow brick road memorable in this sweet, sparkly gingham, jumper-style dress, with blue gingham hair ties (red not available); 2-piece set.

3. Candy Corn Witch Costume
This costume is perfect for the girl witches with a serious sweet tooth. Hat, choker, dress with tulle trim, and knee-highs; 4-piece set.

4. Girls Incantasia the Witch Costume
A friend of Merlin’s, this witch is a champion of magic, fashion, and definitely a lot of fun for Halloween. Her hat and waist sash both feature a rhinestone buckle. The dress has cool draped sleeves and a snazzy collar. Costume is a 2-piece set.

5. Girls Light Up Pumpkin Princess Costume
The girl who wears this costume will light up the night, just like her pumpkin pals.