How to Find Your Perfect Thigh-High Boot

The thigh-high boot was a fashion hit of the 1960s but has recently made its way back onto the catwalk and into the high street store, meaning that anyone who is anyone will be sporting a pair of the very own thigh-high wonders during this Christmas season.

During the 1960s thigh-high boots made their appearance on the catwalks under the signatures of top designer brands who launched the leather and vinyl thigh-high boot for their collections. The thigh-high boot worn with the classic mini-skirt of the era was a common combination that oozed style and pizzazz.

After accepting a rather negative vibe for a good 30 year period, when the thigh-high boot was considered to be more of a trashy garment than a chic accessory, this 1960s hit has come back with a vengeance in recent years, hitting the catwalks again in 2009 and threatening to remain popular as the cold sets in towards the end of 2010.

The important matter surrounding the thigh-high boot for any fashion-conscious woman reading this article is how to wear it and how to wear it well.

Follow the following tips outlined below in order to select the right kind of boot for you and to combine your boot choice with an outfit to match and flatter, whatever the occasion…

*The Busy Woman*

If you are on your feet all day and you have to rush from place to place without stopping even for a bite to eat, then you should really invest in a pair of flat heeled boots that are going to allow you to do all that you need to do without making matters more difficult.

Flat-heeled boots worn over the thigh can look fantastically cool and natural when worn with a loose and long cardigan or a pair of skin tight jeans.

*The Office Girl*

If you are in the office every day, wearing tailored clothing including tapered skirts and shirts that reveal your sexy waist line, then you should think about opting for the office girl thigh-high which might come in a slightly softer material, like suede, but that would definitely obey the medium-sized heel rule.

You want a style of boot that is going to complement your structured office clothes line, but that is not going to be so dressy that you look as though you have come to the office directly after going out to a club the night before. Classy but business-like is the effect that you need to aim for, so experiment a little with different kinds of materials, fabrics and colours. A soft grey could be a good option for the office.

*The Sports and Leisure Lady*

Why not take a leaf out of the Prada fashion book and wear a pair of thigh-high boots with shorts. Keep the shorts baggy and not too short in order to avoid looking trashy in this combination and you’ll find that you have the perfect outfit for a weekend out about the town, having coffee with friends or even going to the local football match with your boyfriend.

You’ll look young, hip and fresh wearing boots in this manner.

*The Classic Female*

Hark back a little to the past and take inspiration from the 1960s, fashioning yourself a vintage look by wearing your thigh-highs of any heel height with a mini dress of your choice.

If this idea doesn’t take your fancy then wrapping up warm this winter in a huge, voluminous, over-sized coat to match and accentuate those newly purchased boots could be the style that you have been searching for. Let’s face it, when it gets cold in the city who wants to take off their jacket anyway? Buy your boots and your winter coat as a pair and be the talk of the town when you enter any bar at any time of day.