How to Do a Bible Word Study

Bible word reports are really pleasurable and appealing to create as well as to go through. The knowledge clarity and regularity through the entire Bible is an wonderful thing to see very first hand.

By natural means there are a lot of ways to approach a phrase analyze of the Bible. I will naturally share the way I have come to do it. I hope you delight in it!

Though it is real that I have studied words and phrases with only the word as the beginning issue. I have located that it is when I have already preferred a subject and am searching for to make clear or go further by researching the specific text made use of in the verses that I am most amazed.

I use the pursuing matters to do a word study: A King James Bible. The explanation for employing a King James Bible is that this is the only edition that has a comprehensive Concordance. You may well also use regardless of what Bible you desire reading but you ought to obtain the corresponding phrase in the KJV to use the concordance.

A Strong’s concordance. This is a comprehensive alphabetical listing of all the words in the King James Bible and in all places they look. The concordance will give you the initial Hebrew (Outdated Testament) or Greek (New Testament) term that was employed for translation. If you know 1 phrase in a verse and never know in which the verse is you could appear that phrase up in a concordance and see a list of each time the phrase is made use of and where. To the right of the word you will see a amount: Hxxxx for Hebrew and Gxxxx for Greek. These are identified as Strong’s figures. If you glimpse up these numbers in the rear of the guide you will see the words and phrases in their initial language adopted by: transliteration, pronunciation, definition, and a translation (the definition and the translation are divided by the “:-” symbol.

If you would like more notes or info you can assess Strong’s definition with other textbooks that use a Strong’s number. Below are popular reference books that I use in my Bible phrase study blog site to ‘dig a minimal deeper’.

Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament

Vine’s Expository Dictionary

Kittle’s Theological Dictionary of the New Testomony provides details on how the phrase was utilized in Classical and Attic Greek.

Berry’s Greek interlinear New Testament

Strong’s concordance is out there on the web at This site has a concordance, lexicons, and dictionaries. It is a excellent software.

Occasionally it is intriguing to create down the diverse techniques a Greek or Hebrew word is translated into English. I do come across nevertheless that the most revealing reality in finding out a phrases serious which means is in looking at other areas in the Bible that the very same word is utilised. This is very revealing. Specifically when you see that: “church” is not a developing, “baptism” is not having a minimal drinking water on you, and “saint” is not a dead particular person.