Hire an Image Consultant – 10 Things to Know

The advent of “What Not To Wear”, “America’s Next Top Model” and “Project Runway” has heightened awareness of personal appearance. That’s the good news. The not so good news is that “everyone” seems to think they are a personal stylist.

The challenge for the consumer is to know what to expect from a “personal stylist” or Image Consultant/Coach. An important distinction should be made between the two.

A Stylist is often someone who has a “passion” for fashion, a talent or skills in creating a “look”. This doesn’t necessarily mean that this person has been formally trained in all aspects of your physical appearance. Most stylists will bill you at an hourly rate.

An Image Consultant, more specifically, a Certified Image Consultant is someone who has been through an education path that will equip them to create a “look” that you desire in addition to helping you develop a “personal brand” image. Most Image Consultants, specifically Certified Image Consultants will bill in a number of different ways (hourly, day or package rate). Services may include color analysis, closet audits, style analysis, education, shopping, personal branding, etc.

If you are in search of a personal shopper, very often a Stylist will accomplish your needs quite well. But, if you are struggling with your wardrobe, “who” you really are and want to propel yourself to the next level in business, a life change, or want to reach greater goals, I encourage you to consider interviewing a Certified Image Consultant.

Approach your partnership with a Stylist/Image Consultant just as you would any other contractor and do your research:

1. Interview at least 3 individuals
2. Are they willing to meet with you prior to working with you?
3. Is there synergy between you and the Stylist/Consultant?
4. Does the Stylist/Consultant truly understand your needs?
5. Do you want a plan of action?
6. Are you looking for a “personal shopper”?
7. Do you know “why” you would like to engage a Stylist/Consultant?
8. What is your time-frame?
9. What are YOUR expectations of the Stylist/Consultant?
10. Finally, do you have a budget?

Working with a Stylist/Image Consultant can and should be a grand experience. Both Stylists AND Certified Image Consultants add value to your life. The experience working with either should begin a partnership that opens your eyes to great potential and possibilities in you. In hiring any professional, do your homework, know what you want to accomplish and really connect with your choice. After all, it IS your choice!