Dress Other People – Become a Personal Shopper

For some people, the ideal job would be to shop, especially if it could be done without spending their own money. A personal shopper has just such an occupation. A professional shopper is also known as a sales assistant, shop assistant or fashion stylist. A professional shopper doesn’t require any inventory so overhead costs are low. The shopper must have good people skills and must be able to showcase abilities effectively.

Professional shoppers can be employed by large stores or even boutiques to help customers. A shopper in a retail business might offer assistance to customers who are having trouble finding the right item or department within the facility. The shopper might help the customers know which items are currently fashionable. The shopper can also provide advice on fit, design or color for unsure customers. This type of shopper usually receives a salary or a salary plus commission by the business. The customer gets the service at no additional cost.

A professional shopper might add these purchasing duties to writing and maintaining blogs. Online shoppers offer research services about products. It can take a long time to find just the right item online. A person who blogs and offers shopping services might be paid through Affiliate marketing and pay per click revenue. Less often, the buyer will pay the shopper directly for shopping services.

Another way that professional shoppers can be employed is directly by the buyers who want the services. The buyer pays the shopper in this instance. The level of service might be to offer a recommendation for a product, or sometimes to purchase the item directly. Professional services include maintaining a database about the client. This might include price range, size, brand and style preferences.

Fashion knowledge is important. Shopping independently or shopping within a boutique or store helps the customer by encouraging them to choose items that are appropriate for age, lifestyle and color. Customers who get items that they are happy with, return to the shop or ask for shopping services again.

Clothing for customers is a popular shopping service selection. A buyer who works for a store usually will maintain detailed records about customers. This might include telephone or email addresses. A customer who agrees can be notified when something arrives in a store that fits the preferences of the client. The customer has opted in to receive communications.

Professional shoppers also may purchase other items for clients. Furniture and accessories that form home decor is common. Some professional shoppers will work with interior decorators to do the purchasing. The shoppers can also work with clients directly. The shopper will typically charge a fee to the customer, especially for large ticket items.